Lose your fear of speaking English

Don't let your accent get in the way of your dreams.

Download MonoLibre, and soon enough you will be taken seriously by native speakers.

Still not fluent in English? We can help you:

Reduce your accent

Listening and repeating helps you sound like a native. MonoLibre's extra magic comes from our speech technology, which gives you real-time feedback on your pronunciation.

Improve your listening skills

Don't be tricked by similar-sounding words. Our listening and dictation units help you tell your right from your 'write'.

Become a confident speaker

Speak as if nobody's judging - our little mascot won't tell anyone! With enough practice, you will be ready to use English more efficiently in your life and work.

Life is too short to be bored

No need to waste time relearning what you already know. Our bite-sized games focus on what matters while keeping you entertained.

Work out with MonoLibre — anytime, anywhere

Our beta testers told us they wanted to keep MonoLibre in their pocket at all times... and we listened. Because we believe learning should be accessible to all, MonoLibre will soon launch on Google Play as a free download.

Here's what our design looks like:

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Wait... Am I not too old to improve my pronunciation?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no age limit to learn new skills. According to several studies, this also applies to language learning and accent training.

Will you get me to sound 100% like a native English speaker? Can you make my foreign accent "disappear"?

Our goal is to make sure you understand native speakers and they understand you, even if they might still perceive your foreign accent. After all, accents are also part of our identity as individuals.

There are many accents in English. Which one will you help me learn?

We are currently focusing on what is usually described as "standard North American English" but we may add other options such as British English in the future if there is enough demand. Please share your wishes by sending an e-mail to languages@monolibre.com.

Why do you ask about my mother tongue in the sign-up form?

People who share the same mother tongue are likely to make similar pronunciation mistakes. Knowing yours means we can personalize the content you see on MonoLibre.

About our team

As non-native English speakers, we know first-hand that most classes don't put enough emphasis on oral communication skills — and MonoLibre is our tool to fix this problem.

Anna Heim

Ex-LATAM Editor at The Next Web
Language-loving polyglot and
Sciences Po Paris alum

Guillem Perez

Web & App Developer
Expert in speech recognition applied to language learning

Antonio Macias

UX/UI Designer
Creator of budgeting app
for freelancers MyPrice